Champions to Champions


Friday, April 27 was an exciting day for our Santa Barbara community, as Isla Vista Elementary School finally achieved their goal of becoming a California Distinguished School. To show their support for this great achievement, the UCSB Men’s Soccer Team players Josue Madueno, Alex de Leon, Matthew Glodack and Machael David; as well as the UCSB Women’s Soccer Team players Arielle Ariniello, Taylor Gehring, Haley Guerrero, Catherine McFarland, and Miranda Cornejo stopped by the school’s dual congratulatory assembly. As part of the UCSB Soccer Staff, I (Tara Willard) had the opportunity to be there with everyone for this event. It was awesome to see how excited the students and staff members were about their special visit.

These star athletes shared their stories and delivered an inspirational speech about what being a champion means to these very bright and talented elementary students.

Josue Madueno and Machael David were part of UCSB’s 2010 Men Championship team, and told to the children about the hard work and dedication it took for them to earn their title. The Gauchos ended their visit by gifting a 2010 autographed soccer ball to the school, and congratulating the students on making our community very proud.


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